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04.24.12 Rabinesque - For loyal Trevor Rabin fans, the title of his new solo album is the perfect identifier for this much-awaited release as the word is something which has long existed in his vernacular – from the name of his studio to references in his own lyrics - and perhaps an apt simile would be that a lengthy gestation of musical consideration and creation has finally reached full flower. Because we've had to wait a very long time indeed and our patience is now amply rewarded. . . . More »
04.18.12 Bondegezou - This is not the album I expected, but it is a testament to Trevor Rabin that he has delivered something not merely good, but also surprising....More »
10.27.12 All About Jazz - Jacaranda is a dazzling offering that showcases Rabin's virtuosity in numerous styles, drawing from bluegrass, metal, classical and progressive rock/pop.There's much to marvel at and it begs the question as to why Rabin's been keeping such a recording in the bag for so long......More »
12.22.12 Joyful Gadfly - This is a more musically mature & experimental TR tainted by a post‐Yes career doing numerous movie soundtracks & allowed to go beyond wannabe pop chart hits. It has the turns & delicacy & variety ......More »
08.23.12 Wave Maker - I had quite honestly believed this album would never happen. The grand musical force known as Trevor Rabin came out of South Africa in the late seventies with three solo albums, and eventually introduced the world to a brand new Yes.....More »
08.18.12 69 Faces - Unlike any of his other previous recordings solo or groups, this album throws away every rule book there is. It's an all instrumental offering . . . But the main focus here is the guitar, and it's a tone many remember from the past, but what a rollercoaster ride!.....More »
07.28.12 Classic Rock Radio - Trevor plays almost just about everything you hear on this CD. It's simply incredible. He's a magnificent player in every sense of the word......More »
07.21.12 Vintage Rock - After years of working in the soundtrack medium, Rabin's tastes have become far more refined, less pop-oriented. .....More »
06.27.12 Wall St Journal - The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) hosted its 27th Annual Film & Television Music Awards tonight at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. The invitation-only dinner and awards ceremony paid special tribute to Trevor Rabin .....More »
06.17.12 Daily Vault - Pleasant surprise has been my sustained reaction to the first solo album in 20 years from Trevor Rabin, the South African composer and multi-instrumentalist who in 1983 thrust temporarily defunct progressive rock pioneers Yes back into the spotlight. Surprise, and admiration......More »
06.11.12 Music Connection - Jacaranda is a window into the world of an eclectic musician and composer equally comfortable playing innovative guitar for a prog-rock band, or conducting an orchestra.....More »
06.01.12 Stephen Humphries - Jacaranda demonstrates that Rabin is virtuoso in all areas . . .much more than just a flashy rock guitarist. Jacaranda is a very unusual record that spans a wide range of influences (usually in just one song) ranging from traditional jazz guitar, bluegrass, progressive rock, classical music, jazz fusion, and hard rock....More »
05.17.12- Sea of Tranquility - Jacaranda is filled with fiery electric & acoustic guitar, majestic keyboards, and clever arrangements that bridge the gap between rock, jazz, prog rock, classical, avant-garde, pop, and metal. In short, there's a little something for everyone here, and top to bottom it's all pretty magical... More »
05.15.12 Baby Blaue Seiten - "Jacaranda" is an energy-loaded and crafty album …. sure to last a long time... More »
05.12.12 hr-online - His name is now at the forefront again … [the songs] sound like Progressive Rock, with a few that rock, but also clearly, fine instrumental pieces, building bridges to jazz, and classical music... More »
05.05.12 Something Else Jacaranda brilliantly combines the cinematic feel of the soundtrack recordings that Rabin has focused on since leaving the band after 1994′s Talk with a series of fresh flourishes. The results are both involving and surprising... More »
05.05.12 Music News - Trevor Rabin releases Jacaranda, his first new solo album in two decades since Can't Look Away... More »
05.01.12 Guitar-Muse - Trevor Rabin has scary talent. While lesser guitarists would bore us with tiresome note density, Rabin is all about good taste, evocative compositions, earthy influences, and beautiful orchestration... More »
03.30.12 Seattle PI - It's been said that writing about music is a bit like dancing about architecture. When you're talking about one of the most accomplished musicians and composers working today, this observation is something of an understatement... More »
03.30.12 Blog Critics - Jacaranda is for music lovers of any genre. Period. It's astonishing, haunting, passionate, powerful, and an experience that transcends any expectations . . . More »
03.28.12 UberRock - Anyone at all familiar with Rabin whether it's from Rabbitt, his solo albums, his tenure with Yes or his prolific life as a film composer, know that he creates good music in whatever format...More »
03.24.12 Music Street Journal - Trevor Rabin returns with the upcoming release of  Jacaranda in tow, and it's a heavy load to take in all in one sitting.... More »
03.24.12 Guitar International - The profound, impassioned eloquence, range, and depth of emotional expressiveness emanating within Trevor's musical lexicon is awe inspiring... More »