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08.29.12 Bondegezou- Henry discusses Trevor's career from his commercial success with Rabbitt in South Africa, to his time in Yes, writing film scores and his recent solo release, Jacaranda . . . . More»
08.30.13 Old School - Kicking it Old School with the awesomeness of Trevor Rabin. . . . . More»
12.16.12 KVR Audio - MIDI can make mediocre musicians sound good, good musicians sound great, and great musicians prolific. Trevor Rabin falls into the third category. . . . . More»
11.26.12 All About Jazz - To call Rabin a guitarist is rather like saying a decathlete can run, for Rabin's multi- instrumental and arranging prowess is wonderfully documented on Jacaranda. . . . . More»
10.31.12 Rocktopia - Having spent the past sixteen years as a successful film scorer, Trevor has blazed a new trail once more with the instrumental album Jacaranda: blending elements of traditional jazz, fusion, bluegrass, progressive and classical to create a compelling and well-crafted musical statement. . . . More»
10.15.12 Music Players - Being in such high demand for film scoring has left fans of the incredibly talented guitarist waiting a very long time to hear something new, but the wait is finally over.....More »
07.06.12 The Score - This week on The Score: A Conversation with Trevor Rabin is featured! You can hear him discuss his work in The Guardian, Get Smart, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Armageddon and much more... More»
06.27.12 Something Else - It’s not like Trevor Rabin has disappeared since leaving Yes, not with dozens of movie scores to his name in the intervening years. Still, Rabin hadn’t released a solo project under his own name since 1989  — that is, before Jacaranda, a deeply personal instrumental project that was years in the making..... More»
07.21.12 All About Jazz - Trevor 'Takes Five' with All About Jazz ....More »
06.25.12 ASCAP - From his chart-topping tenures in Rabbitt and Yes on to his scores for blockbuster films like Remember the Titans and National Treasure, ASCAP's 2012 Henry Mancini Award honoree Trevor Rabin has never been far from the limelight....More »
06.22.12 Rock Square - Trevor Rabin's Jacaranda is a paradox: It's the long-awaited comeback album by one of music's most prolific artists....More »
06.21.12 All Access - The extremely versatile Rabin covers a wide range of styles on the new album, including rock, jazz, and classical....More »
06.15.12 Voice of America - Larry London welcomed legendary South African born rock guitarist Trevor Rabin to Border Crossings to discuss his new album Jacaranda....winning the 2012 ASCAP Henry Mancini Career Achievement Award... and his scores for some 40 movies ....More »
06.13.12 Jewish Exponent - A good father can be instrumental to his children's success through his guidance and support, no matter what professional field they choose. However, when some children are moved to continue what their fathers started as a business, it can make the term "family values" especially meaningful . . . More »
06.11.12 Music Street Journal - "I decided to write stuff that I found challenging to myself as a guitarist and a pianist, and it led to Jacaranda." . . . More »
06.05.12 Film Tracks - Trevor Rabin is on the show – a very accomplished guitarist, musician, and film composer. Born in South Africa, he is best known as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the British progressive rock band YES from ’82-94, but now as a film composer for film and television. . . . More »
06.04.12 Scott Holleran - As a child in Africa, Trevor Rabin—raised in a family of intellectuals specializing in music and law—taught himself to play guitar. As a teenager, he became a South African pop idol as part of the band Rabbitt, and he went on to write "Owner of a Lonely Heart," and most of 90125. . . More »
05.22.12 Rock Wired - "I looked at this as an opportunity to grab the instruments I love the most, forget the orchestra that I have been just swimming in for forty films, pick them up and play. I didn't intend to play everything; I just wanted to get it done . . .". . More »
05.17.12 Muse on Muse - "I never know when it’s going to hit. I never know where it’s coming from. The only thing I can do is go into the studio and decide I’m going in there to write and to create. If something hits me I’m in luck and if it doesn’t I come back another time." Translation. . . More »
05.11.12 Huffington Post - "...all those things put together and the colors that you have to see in your head when you're doing film and eventually just with your eyes led me to a different way of looking at it and a different way of writing to what I had done before. . ." . . . More »
05.10.12 Film Music Media - The great Trevor Rabin takes a moment to discuss his new album, Jacaranda. We discuss the process of musical inspiration when picture or lyrics aren't involved. He also shares some secrets to composing a good action score and how he approaches it.. . . More »
04.20.12 JAM Magazine - "Every movie is like doing a different genre. Song writing is a different process. Doing an insturmental album I found very free.". . . More »
03.14.12 Music Street Journal - "...with film my anticipation at the time was that I would just pick up the pencil and write orchestral music, but as far as Yes there was really no orchestral stuff going on, so I was kind of yearning for that and it seemed like a natural place to be. . . . More »
03.14.12 Classic Rock Revisited - Trevor Rabin was a teenage star in his home country of South Africa. After having a heart-to-heart with his Attorney father, and having a controversial anti-apartheid hit in his homeland, he left the country to further his music career.. . . More »
09.23.10 Guitar International - Music auteur, legendary guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, and award winning, esteemed film composer, Trevor Rabin's artistry is beyond transcendent.. . . More »
04.01.09 Mix Magazine - Trevor Rabin may not be a household name, but his music has been heard the world over. . . . More »
11.08.08 Los Angeles Times . . .the only question that remained unanswered was: What was that music playing that served as the underscore to Obama's big moment?. . . More »
06.19.08 IGN - Rabin has fused his trademark guitar licks with orchestral music in a variety of big budget productions ranging from Con Air, Armageddon, Enemy of the State, Deep Blue Sea, Snakes on a Plane, and National Treasure, just to name a few of the high profile films his music has graced. . . . More »
09.01.06 Korg - As of late Trevor Rabin, has been giving some thought to his evolution as a musician. . More »
08.01.06 Track Sounds - "One of the things I try to be very careful of is not taking a movie when I know I have no inspiration left. It just becomes work. I always want to be in a place where I think I can come up with something. ". . . More »
09.01.04 San Diego Jewish Journal - In an odd twist of fate, Trevor Rabin was working on a space-related project when the shuttle Columbia disintegrated early last year. Details of the disaster came while he was crafting the music for "Mission: SPACE".... More »
03.01.04 Innerviews - Trevor Rabin may not be a household name, but his music has made a dramatic impact on the world. He's an A-List film composer that's helmed the scores for blockbusters. . . More »
11.01.98 SoundtrackNet- "One of the reasons I got into doing this film was to hopefully un-typify what I had seen as typical." . . . More »